Hey! I'm Page (she/they), a writer and creative copywriter

with experience in inbound digital marketing, who feels strongly that we need the humanities now more than ever. Based in "poor-but-sexy" Berlin (so dubbed by Berlin's "party mayor" Klaus Wowereit in 2003), I'm a writer who is a bit more human and a bit less corporate. One of the more playful writers commenting on art and the art world; please see farting dog logo on home page.

I have been writing, digital marketing, project- and content managing for over 10 years. I've been part of an in-house team and I've navigated self-employment with clients ranging from famous, award-winning novelists and artists to quirky and incredibly fun print magazines and creative studios.

In my free time I write about ethics in photography, image and art theory, sociology, philosophy and writing itself. 

I'm a photographic artist as well as a writer with a degree in Photographic Art from the University of Westminster. I have a BA in English Literature (major) and Psychology (minor) from the University of Southern Africa. 

South Africa uses the US "major" and "minor" system for tertiary education which is great because you get to study a variety of different things. Greek Mythology and Philosophy were two of my favourite minor modules.

My writing style is informative, friendly, topical, inclusive and concise. I flip-flop between academic and exoteric writing, dependent on the purpose and the readers.