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Prometheus [wip]

Regarding trauma, catharsis, ASMR, PTSD and other acronyms. Titled after the Greek Titan who created man from clay and defied the Gods by bringing fire to man.

Prometheus was tortured by Zeus for his defiance. He was bound atop a mountain where his liver was eaten by an Eagle. Each day his liver would grow back and be eaten again by his tormentor. 

In ancient Greek mythology the liver was considered the source of human emotion. In the modern world we know the liver is a filter for toxins and poison that may pass through the human body.


The work is in response to and an exploration of the human condition on an emotional, sociological and psychological level. In particular when considering trauma and the techniques we employ to either remedy or forget.

A work in progress, begun in late 2019. The final piece will be a handbound photobook featuring a marbled cover created from fire and a gold insignia printed by hand from ink. Dimensions and particulars of the photobook are yet to be decided.

January 6, 2020

Semi Magazine​

Publication design and image sequence design. Image editing and writing. Images by Alyssa Fujita Karoui, Arthur Fechoz, China Hopson, Ioanna Sakellaraki, Laura Dow, Sophie Barbasch, Tilyen Mucik, Jeroen De Wandel and Marie Smith.

Printed on 100gsm Archival Matte Art Paper, Perfect Bound.