A review of the Joel Meyerowitz retrospective at the C/O Berlin. Mapping his influence on modern photography in America during the early to late 60’s. Thumbnail image by Joel Meyerowitz.

An interview with artist Krasimira Butseva about her recent work Balkan Ours which confronts the unspoken atrocities committed in Bulgaria between 1944 and 1989 by the communist regime that ruled during that period. Thumbnail image by Krasimira Butseva.

Otherness in Modern White Photography

An essay on white artists colonising black subject matter to create artwork and how the disregard for their own inherent whiteness during the process of making is an issue often neglected. Thumbnail image titled Afe Negble, Asemena, Ghana by Paul Strand, 1964.

Interview by Pagy Wicks with photographer Elizabeth Waterman for photobook Moneygame published by XYZ Books

Interview with Elizabeth Waterman

An interview with photographer Elizabeth Waterman on her recent photobook Moneygame exploring the strip club scene in America. Published and distributed with XYZ Books. Thumbnail image by Elizabeth Waterman.

FUKT Magazine Issue 19 Storylines

Writing for the drawing magazine powerhouse FUKT Magazine for their 19th Issue titled Story Lines. Magazine cover designed by Ariane Spanier.

Writing by Pagy Wicks for Berlin and London based photography and art magazine SEMI Magazine


Writing for the first print issue of photography and art magazine SEMI MAGAZINE. Magazine cover image by Jeroen De Wandel.